Over the years, I have found there are typically three categories of people when talking about fitness.

The first are The Gurus. People in this group loooooove working out. Many times it doesn’t even matter what the exercise is, they will do just about anything. Something about fitness gets them excited and into workout clothes faster than you can say Interval Training. On their daily To Do List, working out is always towards the top. This is me nowadays. 🙂 But I haven’t always been this way!

The second group are The Middle of the Roads. Those in this category are people who are somewhere in the middle; they don’t necessarily love working out, but they don’t hate it, either. With some motivation, they will usually get the job done, because they know in the long run it will help them. Exercise is typically somewhere in the middle of their To Do List, about the same as other menial daily activities.

And then there is a third group called The Loathers. They don’t just dislike exercising, they absolutely loathe it. They majorly dislike most exercise routines, because during the beginning, middle and even at the end they don’t feel great. Exercising is typically on the very bottom of their To Do List, if it’s even there at all.

The question is, which group are you in? Maybe you identify with one of them, or you’re sort of in between. Or maybe you switch depending on the day, type of exercise, or some other factor.

I’m here to tell you that just because you are in The Loathers group today, you don’t have to stay there. Unfortunately for some, exercising is just plain miserable. But it doesn’t have to be! You can switch groups. Yes, it is possible. Working out shouldn’t be miserable. In order to help you, I’ve come up with 6 Tips to Fitness Fun.


1. Pick something you actually like. This may take some time. A lot of people love yoga, running or walking. But what if you don’t like those things? No problem. Play tennis. Dance.  Go to a new class. Do a DVD.  Don’t like the first DVD you get? Try another! There has to be something out there that you at least don’t Loathe. Don’t give up! Try everything you can get your hands on until you find what fits YOU. Chances are, if you are in The Loathers group, you haven’t tried every exercise method out there…. Yet.

2. Get a buddy—or lots of buddies! Most everything is more fun with friends. If you can pass the time talking and laughing, it won’t even feel like a workout. And if there are other people cheering you on, what could be more fun than that? Talk about motivation. I LOVE group fitness because of the social aspect. I also LOVE my online challenge groups because right when I’m done working out at home in my basement, I can post in the group and get a bunch of high fives and see them doing it too!

3. Change your perspective. Sometimes there are hidden reasons why we don’t like working out. Maybe it’s because we had a bad experience, or we don’t feel like we can “do” workouts. All our lives we have told ourselves we are uncoordinated or look silly working out. Right now you have to ask yourself, why? Why do you feel this way? Who says you even have to be coordinated to workout? Is that a rule you read somewhere? NO! Try to figure out why you actually detest working out. Chances are, it’s something you can turn around, if you choose to.

4. Pump up the music. I love to “collect” workout music! I search for songs, or ask for recommendations, and then I try them out while I run or do other exercises. I notice which songs take me to that next level and make me forget I’m even working out. Music does something to our minds and bodies. So get your playlist ready to go for your next workout session. It’ll take your fitness routine from blah to yah!

5. Reward yourself. You could give yourself points for exercising to earn something you really really want (those cute boots!), or a monthly massage, or a long bubble bath. What would motivate you? The whole time you are working out, think of that thing you will get if you finish your workouts. I promise it will make it more fun.

6. Join a support group. There are actually a lot of people out there just like you. They don’t love working out, but they know they SHOULD workout. Getting together with them and sharing your thoughts and feelings might be helpful. Message me for more details about my Facebook group where we challenge each other, talk about our struggles, and cheer each other on. It’s a fun place to go every day to stay on track.