11137142_10104884442904198_395203217473950546_nSomeone you know has asked you if you’d like to be a coach on their Beachbody team.. .maybe you recently completed a challenge group with a coach… but like a normal person you are wondering where the catch is. I mean, to sign-up it only costs $39, which can be waived if you purchase a challenge pack –  doesn’t it seem like you have to be a internet marketer or experienced fitness professional to be successful? 18627_10206726054940185_2289198779149479295_n

Why Team Beachbody If Different

 1. Beachbody still makes a lot of money from infomercial sales; we are in the SHARING business as coaches.

They are also an A+ Better Business Bureau company and are doing great, and not going anywhere for a while. They have seen exponential growth company wide year after year.

2. Products that are trusted, that WORK and do not contain a bunch of crap.

They work because they aren’t miracle solutions – customers are given the tools but must work for their results. Classic pyramid schemes focus on recruitment. Beachbody is set up so that you actually focus on helping and motivating others, as well as working on your OWN journey. Coaches do more than provide you with the product, they give you support and inspiration  to help you be successful!

4. You can out earn and pass up in “rank”- your uplines. shaunt

In fact…I do out earn some of my upline. There is no “lid” the team… you are compensated nicely for the work you put into it.

5. There are amazing lead generation programs for qualified coaches

The company rewards qualified coaches by assigning their infomercial and non-directed customers to coaches so the customer gets the best experience through peer support. The company rewards coaches by giving them 25% commissions of the purchases of these customers, so they obviously value peer support over net revenue.

More Good Stuff

1. Very little overhead. NO home parties.

2. No inventory, no shipping, no customer service

3. You are not alone

You have a very dedicated leader and successful coach to help you get where you want to get. Also, the income you make is not solely on commissions, but also on bonuses based on how your team does. Ultimately, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

4. It’s like having a Costco membership

Pay $15 a month, you get 25% off all of Beachbody’s products. Even if you don’t work your business, it’s worth a shot to commit to your health by using Beachbody’s nutrition and fitness products monthly and SAVING!

5. You are making other people’s lives better.

Help others live happier, healthier, longer lives.

6. You will grow as a person.

If you work this business, you will become more outgoing, be more accountable for your own workouts, and can become financially independent. You will learn things about yourself everyday.

7. Rewards and incentives

You can win a trip every year (I went to Cancun all expenses paid for me and my husband FREE for 5 days this past April!), tons of free shirts and other gifts, you get to workout with celebrity trainers, and be the first to know when new products are being developed. If you like recognition, get your name on a leader board or announced on a national conference call when you advance in rank or go above and beyond.11050144_10104929859598778_6358043531520629698_n(1)

8. You will meet some amazing people

Are you in the minority when it comes to prioritizing your health? As soon as you are a coach you are making a decision to ignore negative people and surround yourself with great people who you can share with and learn from. You will meet some of the most amazing people.

9. This is not a get rich quick scheme

Your first six months are like a paid internship. You won’t make much, and it takes some legwork to get going. Some people are happy to make $100 a week after 6 months, and stay at that level.  Others are already making $500 a week. But you are that much closer to making $1,000 a week and beyond – just trust it!

10. You will fail at some point.

It’s true. Many coaches never get a single paycheck. But it is likely because they are in it to “just try it out” and see if it works, or that they believe they will just magically make money from joining the team. If are willing to commit and follow the steps and training I give to you as your leader, I promise you will see results in your business and your life.

11. You can simply join as a coach and enjoy your discount10985192_10104930393244348_7253215435773171394_n

And there is nothing wrong with that — don’t let anyone tell you differently. It also doesn’t mean you can’t earn something at some point if you choose to, and doesn’t make you less of a coach. 🙂

Some Cons

1. People Will Say “No” to You.

Not everyone is ready to step up and take control of their life. It isn’t ever a reflection of you — they just aren’t ready right now.

2. At first, you will work harder than the paycheck you earn.

Like I said above, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. But think of it as a 6-month low-pay internship that has potential to grow to a six-figure income in 2-3 years. That is the truth right there.

3. You do have to talk to people.

You learn to find your niche. I have found that some people are better at putting themselves out there and sharing their heartfelt stories and love for the products, while others are will talk about their love of the products primarily when asked. Anyone can be successful with consistency.

I hope that helps! I’d love for you to join my team. You can CONTACT ME HERE  to chat more. 🙂