I don’t know about all of you, but I have always had a soft spot for sweets in my diet. I can do without chips, I can do without greasy and fried food, no problem. But chocolate and sweet have always been a weakness. One way I’ve learned to control this is not by cutting it out completely… in my experience doing this makes me grumpy and irritable…and much more prone to overindulging later. Instead, I take the approach of MODERATION. I drink Shakeology everyday, which curbs my cravings as well and makes me feel awesome … and I find ways to work a little bit of sweet into my life without going crazy on the sugar. Here are some ideas!


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1. Shakeology.  Packed full of superfoods and over 70 fruits and vegetables and probiotics… and being free of artifiicial junk, there is no other “shake” like this out there. I used to be skeptical too but I seriously could not live without it in my day anymore. Even my kids like it. There is also a vegan formula for those sensitive to whey protein. Truely your daily dose of nutrition. My favorite is the Vanilla, because it’s super versatile recipe wise.







2. Apple and Raw Nuts/Nut Butters.   I always recommend that my clients and challengers reach for that apple a day. but I also recommend you combine it with a protein or healthy fat. Eating the apple alone will spike your blood sugar and will likely leave you feeling hungrier faster. Add in a serving of raw almonds or a tablespoon of your favorite unsalted nut butter, and you will have a balanced snack. My favorite are honey crisp apples..so refreshing and curb that sweet tooth!




3.  Greek Yogurt, topped with some PB2 and a few dark chocolate chips.  If you haven’t tried PB2 yet, and you don’t have a peanut allergy.. you are MISSING OUT! Pressed peanuts and a bit of salt.. that’s what this powder is. Mixed in smoothies or in yogurt/oatmeal this little topping is amazing for little calories and fat and doesn’t have a bunch of fillers added to it either. The small serving of dark chocolate mixed in curbs a craving without going overboard. Notice how I said a FEW. 🙂 Also…if you are dairy sensitive, there are coconut milk yogurts out there, although many do not have the same amount of protein as greek yogurt does, so make sure you read your food labels.



4.  Protein Mug Cake. I get asked about these a lot. There are MILLION variations of them on the internet and you usually just have to play with it to see what you prefer consistency wise and flavor wise. Protein powder makes a difference too, so just play with them. I do NOT recommend using Shakeology for these since heating Shakeology takes a lot of the nutrition out of it.This particular one pictured was made with : 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 3 tbsp egg whites, 3 tbsp unsweetened almond milk, 1 tbsp PB2; mixed together in a sprayed coffee mug. Cover and cook in microwave for 1 minute. Pop out of mug, top with 1 tsp of nut butter of choice. SO GOOD!


5.   Frozen Bananas. The possibilities with frozen bananas are endless! You can blend it into “ice cream” with different flavors and top it with some peanut butter.  You can top with cinnamon and warm up just enough to get gooey. Once again, I always recommend combining it with some sort of protein or healthy fat to help your blood sugar not spike/drop quickly.


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