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Getting in shape and staying on track should NOT be that difficult of a goal to reach. But time after time, year after year – SO many of us struggle to stay on track. We fall off, we fall further, we get frustrated, we feel guilty, so we quit… until we get another urge to try again .. and often the cycle just continues because it’s way easier to stay where we are rather than to change. After all, if change were really THAT easy — us fitness coaches, trainers, and psychotherapists — wouldn’t have jobs!

Nevertheless, I am here to tell you that you CAN do it. YES YOU CAN DO IT. You may be sitting here reading this going “Ok, so what  Mandy – you SAY that because you already do it.”…. but I haven’t always, and I have been where you are right now.

First thing is first…

You do have to get your mind in the right place. You need to set it into goal mode and once your mindset is there, you will be set up for lasting success and will want to keep exercising regularly.

Remember that exercise is NOT just about looking good — it’s also about FEELING good!  In fact to ME.. that FEELING on the inside is the MOST important. If  I don’t feel good on the inside, then everything else starts falling apart.

If you are brand new to exercise, I don’t want you to completely overwhelm yourself. Here are 5 simple steps to help you get in the right mindset to start your fitness plan:


  1. SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Before you even START – set a realistic goal for yourself. What exactly do you want to achieve? Weight loss? Muscle gain? Better sleep? Start with one goal and set small objectives underneath that bigger goal. Keep a list of objectives.
  2. PICK SOMETHING YOU ENJOY! I don’t really care WHAT program you choose. Choose something you will somewhat enjoy. There are a MILLION workout programs out there. I have about 200 different ones I can personally recommend to you that you can do at home, with a tv that are extremely effective– and I can help you figure out which one fits your preferences and lifestyle. Don’t like working out at home? Then get out of the house! Go for run, bike ride, swim or walk. Go to a new class. Just do SOMETHING!
  3. FOOD. I know you’ve been told this before but nutrition is going to likely the biggest hurdle. Healthy food is going to fuel your exercise, it’s going to help you FEEL better throughout the day, help you reach your goals faster; it’s going to help you sleep better, be happier, have better skin and overall better health. If you work hard in the gym and eat horribly, you are not doing yourself any favors.
  4. FITNESS FRIENDS! I think having a buddy system in place is essential. This is the main reason I LOVE running online challenge groups, because it builds that system in! When you aren’t feeling in the mood – you’ll see 5 other people are working out anyway — and suddenly your MINDSET is going to change !
  5. HAVE FUN! Remind yourself that this should be fun. If you go into exercise with a negative attitude, you will have a much harder time sticking with it. Smile, remind yourself daily why you are choosing these healthier habits and tell others about your journey.


Try this activity as well as you get stared. Write a letter to yourself dated for 1 month from now. Tell yourself about everything you have accomplished in the past month, and you’ll find that you often have very appropriate and honest goals.

People often beat themselves up for every mistake they make throughout a day. They can be so focused on what they did wrong that they fail to see the bigger picture.

This works well with a lot of emotional binge eaters. These clients may eat for comfort if they get yelled at during work, they may feast to celebrate a promotion, and they may eat that whole pizza because “oh well I already had one slice.” So writing this letter can help YOU give yourself permission to be honest and kind to yourself.



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