While it took many years and lots of ups and downs along the way, I have been at a healthy weight and have had a healthy body image for many years now. For a long time, that didn’t seem attainable. But isn’t that why we set goals? To achieve the impossible.

If you feel like there is “more” to you — then it’s time to set some goals. Here are my secrets for goal setting and goal achieving. This can relate to ANYTHING in your life. Not just fitness related.

Brainstorm Phase
1. Grab a piece of paper and pen. Write down everything that comes to mind. It’s very important to actually get your thoughts out of your brain and onto paper. You’re more likely to achieve goals that you write down.

2. Envision who you want to be in the next week, month, year, or 5 years. What do you look like, inside and out? What is your life like, and how do you feel? What is bringing this “future you” joy and fulfillment? Write it down. Perhaps you envision yourself as “healthy and full of energy.”  That’s a great goal!

3. What will it take to get where you want to be? Write it down. Include what you need to let go of and include what you need to add to your life. Perhaps you need to clear junk food out of your house. Then you need to learn how to cook more healthy. Perhaps you want to make sure you eat out less, or only eat out where you can pick something healthy. Now for exercise, what do you need to do? Write all of your ideas down.

Setting Goals Phase
4. Break down the big goals. Little by little, how do you achieve your big goal by little day to day actions? What do you need to do each day in order to achieve your goals? Be very specific. Instead of saying, I need to exercise, say exactly what exercise you will do for X minutes for X days a week. (You can be flexible with this as your preferences and strength changes over time.) Instead of saying, I will eat healthier, say exactly what you will do every day in order to do that.

5. Write down your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Be very clear. Place them somewhere that you can see them each day, such as on your bathroom mirror, in your office, at your computer, on the screen of your phone. You’ve heard it before I am sure but:  Make them SMART. Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Sensitive.

Achieve Goals Phase
6. Next to each goal, write down incentives. What will motivate you to keep up on these goals every day? Perhaps if you keep all of your goals for a week, you can get a pedicure. Or perhaps if you keep all of your goals for a month, you can splurge on a new pair of pants.

7. Get your tools in place. What do you need in order to achieve your goals? Do you need something quick and nutritious at your disposal (like Shakeology or the 21 Day Fix system)? Do you need a workout you can complete in 30 minutes while your kids are napping?

8. Enlist the help of others or invite others to join you. Some people work well alone, but many of us need an extra push! A support system is essential to your success in achieving goals. If you don’t tell your husband, for example, that you have a goal to be healthy and lose weight, then he may tempt you with cookies without even realizing it. Talk about how he can help you reach your goal. Who knows, maybe he’ll even join you! For even more support, join my Challenge Group with other people who have your same goals. You can check in every day and help celebrate each other as you move forward.

Whatever goals you have for yourself- it is okay to take the next step! My next group is starting soon, we would love to have you! Contact me today to get started.