iStock_000048484126_XXXLargeTips to Staying on Track with Fitness and Nutrition while Traveling

Just when you’ve made some progress—you’ve established good eating and exercising routines—now comes the true test.

You’re going on vacation.


Whether you’re going on a road trip or taking an airplane somewhere, or staying at a friend’s house or heading to a hotel, traveling poses many challenges when you’re trying to stay on track with fitness and nutrition.

First, when you’re away from your house you are prone to eating out more, which can offer many temptations, and generally an increase in sodium and fat consumption. When you’re on vacation, others will want to celebrate with food and it’ll be hard not to join in. Also, you may be sitting for long periods during travel time, and your daily schedule will be off, so finding time to exercise can be tricky.

The best thing you can do is plan ahead and work around the challenges that are sure to come while you’re out of town.

Here are some tips:


1. If you’re going to be in the car for a while, don’t fall back on getting snacks at convenience stores. Pack your own food! Grab your cooler and baggies and get to chopping. Stock up on carrots, celery, watermelon, grapes, almonds, cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, turkey slices and water bottles. Another great option is Shakeology to go! I never go on a road trip without my Shakeology.

2. Keep a vacation food journal. Many times when we leave home, we throw caution to the wind! We want to forget all our responsibilities, including what we eat. But don’t leave nutrition to chance. Keep track of what you eat every day while you are away by writing it down. Make it even easier by logging your food into your phone. When you are on vacation, it’s totally okay to splurge on eating a little here and there, but remember to keep things balanced. Journaling will help.

3. Scope out restaurants and menus before you even leave home. Find out which ones have healthy options that you want to try. Also remember that many restaurants are very accommodating to different tastes; request your salad dressing on the side or ask they don’t use butter or other extras on your dish. The extra work will be worth it. Also, my husband travels OFTEN for work. What he did when he has business dinners and lunches— he chooses lean proteins, asks for them without butter/oil and orders double vegetables. He also skips the alcohol. If you are going to drink, don’t eat high fat foods in conjunction.

4. Try to cook when you can. Many hotels have kitchenettes now, and that could be a worthwhile option to keep you on track. If you are staying at a friend’s house, offer to cook a meal for everyone, or organize a healthy potluck where you can trade recipes!


5. Find a gym. If you’re staying in a hotel with one, great! Or if you are a member of a nationwide gym, check on locations where you will be vacationing. If that’s not an option, call around and see if you can do a trial week for free or a small fee.

6. Bring your fitness DVDs and press play! This is one of the reasons why I love Beachbody’s variety of workouts. From Insanity Max 30, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Body Beast and PiYo to the new CIZE, I bring them all– usually using Beachbody on Demand where I can stream where ever I am! I can do a hard workout at the end of a sedentary travel day, or I can stretch it out with PiYo on a busy day. I can really do something different every day, which helps me stick with it, even on vacation.

7. Enlist your friends and family! You’re on vacation to relax and have fun and spend time with those you love. Why not organize a group workout? A bike ride, a jog, some sports—just think how much fun you could have! Definitely a memory maker.

8. Decide before you go when and where you will work out. Planning ahead is crucial. If you don’t plan ahead of time, you’ll be tempted to stay up later and let your schedule slide until you wake up and realize your vacation is over and you haven’t been working out. Keep your body feeling good and don’t miss a day!