Why You Need Accountability in Your Journey

Why is it that when we say we want to do something or learn something, we don’t always do it? We set a goal, like we want to learn Spanish, get better at photography, hike more, write a book, or lose 30 pounds. At first we are excited and pumped! And maybe we even invest a little time into doing it—at first.

But then after a while the excitement wears off. Learning Spanish is harder than we thought. Or we can’t afford a better camera. We injure our ankle, or get writer’s block. Or after trying a diet, we end up not losing any weight. Then we just end up right where we started, except maybe disappointed in ourselves for not accomplishing what we set out to do.

Believe me, it happens to everyone. Even people who are able to accomplish a lot of other things in their lives. But it begs the question—why? Why do we get so pumped up to start up something but then our excitement wanes? Why do we feel like giving up after only a little while? I think I know a big reason why this happens.

It’s because we are only accountable to ourselves.

If you made the goal in your head, or even told a few friends that you want to do X, Y or Z, that’s great. But what it doesn’t do is put you on a path of success. It takes effort to get outside of our routines, especially if we have to do it all on our own. And you can’t really learn Spanish speaking by yourself! You need other people around you. You need to take a class or get together with people who already speak.

Why not the same thing for fitness and weight loss?

Our bodies and personalities are all unique. Maybe you don’t mind counting calories but have a hard time not snacking in the evenings. Perhaps you love yoga but really dislike strength training. When you are on your own, you’ll gravitate towards what you like and what is easiest for you. Unfortunately, those things won’t always get you the results you want.

It’s time to be accountable to others on your fitness and weight loss journey.

I love being a fitness coach. One of my main jobs is to help keep people motivated and focused on what works. I also offer resources to help them achieve their goals, like nutrition programs and fitness routines. When people are accountable to someone like me, then they will keep with it longer and are more likely to follow through and reach their goals.

As a coach the #1 way I help people stay motivated is by constant contact. My clients and team members know they can connect with me daily. I always respond as soon as I can so they can get the support they need, when they need it. When we have someone who knows our struggles and is encouraging us, we can get through the hard times. We can get the extra push to keep going strong!

I want to introduce you to another thing that I do that helps people – Challenge Groups. These are groups of people who I work with who are all trying to achieve similar goals. I set up a private Facebook group. I start discussions and even little challenges. I try to keep everyone motivated. What also happens is that as the members get to know each other, they support each other. They give ideas. They celebrate victories and life each other up when we have bad days.

A Challenge Group is the ultimate in accountability. It helps us look forward to working on fitness and weight loss. When we face a decision during the way—do I want this piece of cake or should I say no?—we think of telling the people of our Challenge Group, “I said no!!” then it’s much easier to follow through. Others applaud your efforts and you feel good. Then it helps you be stronger for the next temptation.

We all have pretty good basic knowledge about how to be more fit and lose weight.  Calories in, calories out– right? The hard part is doing it. Being accountable to others is a great way to get on the path to doing it. So what are you waiting for?