Hi there!  I’m Mandy Leonards and thank you for taking the time to stop by my website! My journey to a career in health and fitness has developed over a lifetime. I hold a BS degree from Purdue University in per-veterinary medicine with a focus on animal behavior and a Masters in Social Work from Indiana University. While in social work school I had a huge interest in addictions, body image and working with adolescents.  I have forever had a desire to help others, to make a difference. I run on passion. But something was missing from my career and it took awhile for me to find it. 054_LeonardsFamily_2014

I am a first and foremost a mom to my young girls, Isabella and Madelyn. I am married to my sweetheart, Jerry. Weight and body issues were always a struggle for me growing up. Back in middle school and high school I went back and forth from being too thin and unhealthy smandyheadshotkinny to obese, shy and extremely self conscious. I always wanted to be the fit pretty girl but I struggled both inside and out. After I went to college it was worse. I ate my feelings, using food as my coping mechanism and my weight ballooned up to 185 pounds on my tiny 5’1 frame. I not only struggled on the outside but on the inside desperately.  I was so painfully shy and worried about what everyone thought about me all the time. I developed stretch marks that were red and itchy. I somehow didn’t quite realize how big I had let myself get until one day I couldn’t zip a size 18 dress that I had purchased 2 weeks prior.

I asked my mom for help to lose weight THE RIGHT WAY and she helped. There was no Beachbody then– so we bought pre-packaged meals and I began exercising. The weight slowly started to come off and I felt SO much better about myself. I ran my first half marathon in 2004. This coming from the girl who got C’s in gym class and was the last to get chosen in a game.mlmd15-22

After college I was inspired to continue with my fitness journey but groups scared me so I got my NASM personal training certification and became certified to teach Turbokick, which at the time was not a Beachbody format.

Then I was introduced to Beachbody by my Turbokick instructor/trainer (who is now 15 star diamond Elite Coach, Julie Voris).  Since then, I have had 2 beautiful children and maintained a healthy lifestyle. Having options at home with Beach body programs and Shakeology make this possible for me and fit in nicely with my other fitness hobby of running. I weighed less when I gave birth to my daughters than I did at my heaviest college weight.  My favorite BeachBody programs are  Insanity Max 30, 21 Day Fix Extreme and my daily dose of Shakeology. Shakeology has not only cured my IBS but it has helped me so much with my food cravings and I cannot imagine my days without it. Even my kids drink it!

mandybellaTime is of the essence in my household…since I don’t have time to spend 2 hours in the gym to stay fit. The 30 minute workouts are PERFECT.

I am an Independent Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and love helping to inspire others to reach their health and fitness goals. Lifestyle coaching has really helped me combine my interests in human behavior and fitness and I use my social work skills every single day in my business. I really help people focus on changing their BEHAVIOR behind the poor health choices they have made and help them to realize they are WORTH it. They are WORTH being happy and healthy. It’s amazing that for someone who has so many different paths professionally has landed in coaching. It feels absolutely perfect for me to be here right now.

I opened a small fitness studio Bodylife 360 in Carmel, IN with some of my best friends where we specialize in personal training and live group training classes, specifically Beachbody live formats. I am also a certified group fitness instructor in the formats TurboKick, Body Pump, PiYo Live and Insanity.

I am also a photographer  but my coaching business has been a natural thing for me to do by coaching people to live well, eat well and move well. I hope to connect with you too!