You normally love working out… until you don’t. One day you wake up and just have zero motivation. You just have no “umph” left to do your workout.

I get it. We all get days like those, even fitness instructors. It’s not easy to workout regularly. After the initial excitement of a new program wears off, we want a break. We come up with every excuse in the book to skip our workout. I know what you are telling yourself:

“Just skipping today won’t hurt.”
“No one will know.”
“I can’t find my shoes….”
“I’ll be motivated tomorrow.”
“I am sure I’ll fit my workout in later.”
“I really need to X instead of working out.”

These are thoughts that begin in your brain, and then the more you keep repeating them, the more you believe them. It’s a vicious cycle. Just read this quote by Soren Kierkegaard:

“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.”



So my question to you is, what are your dominant thoughts? Are they negative? Is it possible to change those thoughts? If they are negative right now, could they be positive in a few minutes from now?

Of course! There is always room for change—positive change. Even if you woke up today not feeling like today’s workout is going to happen, it can still happen. The trick is to help yourself change your mind.

So let’s say that you woke up thinking you don’t want to workout today. Well, that can be changed! Simply help your dominant thoughts change from negatives to positives. Be open to that. Here are 5 tips to change your mind and staying motivated to do your workout:

1. Envision yourself AFTER your workout.
I am betting most of the time you feel absolutely great after a workout. I know I do! And science backs me up on this. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormone in your body. Maybe you don’t feel motivated to workout because you don’t feel good. Well, here is your chance to feel good! Tell yourself that you will have a great workout and feel great afterwards. You are more likely to get going.

2. Join a challenge group and be accountable!
When someone is checking up on you, you are more likely to stay on task. Joining a challenge group, like the ones I host, could give you that motivational bump you need. Challenge groups are also a lot of fun, and we all support and cheer each other on. Take this idea to the next level and do your workout with a friend! Research shows people are more likely to enjoy their workout with a buddy.

3. Just get your workout clothes on and GO or push play.
It’s that easy. If the thought of doing a workout seems too hard, just go through the motions. Just put on your workout clothes and throw in your workout DVD. That’s really all you need to do. You know what? As you see the workout begin, your muscle memory will begin to take over. You’ll remember, “Hey, I can do this!” And I bet you’ll even start a workout, and before you know it, you’ll be done!

4. Give yourself a little incentive.
Up the ante a little. What sort of prize could you give yourself for doing your workout today? A new item of clothing? A nice long bubble bath? That magazine you’ve been eyening at the grocery store? Motivate yourself with a little prize, and you’ll be working out in no time.

5. Try a new group fitness class or  fitness DVD.
Working out in a group atmosphere helps beat boredom and turns exercise into a social atmophere too.  I miss my fitness friends when they aren’t in my classes that I teach! I also have a few regular go-to workouts I love, but switching things up is a great way to keep motivated. My favorites to do at home are Insanity Max 30 with Shaun T and Bodybeast weight training workouts.

You can do your workout today! Keep that motivation.

Be fit. Be happy.