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    In an age where tablets, gaming consoles, and any other screen seem to dominate your  time and your
    children’s time, it’s more important than ever to just do this one thing. It sounds so easy, yet it can be shard. But you need to do it now. Turn it all off. Just turn it off!  I admit that there are times that it is easier, and down time is important too. But, as my oldest has gotten older, and sits most of the day in school, being physically active when she’s not in school is even more important for her than ever.
    Turn off the computer games. Turn off Candy Crush on your smartphone. Turn off that TV show. Turn off
    that movie. Unplug them if you have to, or reset the WiFi password. Sometimes it takes drastic
    measures. But this is important. It’ll be worth the whining and complaining.
    Because what you are going to do for at least one hour a week is this—instead of playing with screens,
    you are going to be active with your kids. It sounds hard, and maybe at first it will be. So put it on the
    calendar and plan for it. Maybe the same day every week, to make it easier.
    There are so many things you can do to keep active with your kids. Here are just a few ideas:
    Bike ride
    Hide and seek
    Go to a museum and walk, take stairs etc.
    Walk around the neighborhood
    Race in the park
    Fly kites
    Play soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.
    Go hiking
    Swim at the local pool
    Scavenger hunt
    Relay races in the yard
    Yoga at a studio
    Exercise video in your house
    Dance class
    Doesn’t that sound like fun?
    Definitely more fun than catching up on Facebook or checking your email. I promise you that as you do this regularly, you will have so many benefits, for you and your kids! Here are what you can expect if you trade games on a screen for being active with your kids:
    1. You Will be More Connected
    No, being active with your kids won’t keep you connected with the world. But it will keep you more
    connected with each other! You and your kids, without any distractions other than playing spots, hiking
    or being otherwise active, can connect. You can laugh, joke, and encourage each other while you play.
    You can talk about school, friends, hopes and dreams while you walk. You can talk about your childhood,
    and they can talk about theirs while you swim. Isn’t being active with your kids great?
    Builds Healthy Habits
    I heard on the radio the other day that more than half of the people on the earth are now overweight.
    It’s a staggering number that continues to grow. I am not a proponent of having a perfect body. What is
  • that, anyway? What I am passionate about is helping people be healthy. I just wish I could have
    started my journey sooner—even during my childhood. When you are active with your kids, you are
    doing more than just exercising. You are giving them a precious gi8 that they can cotinue to give
    themselves for the rest of their lives.
    Creates New Memories
    I can still remember the first time I took my daughter on our  first run together, or when I took both of my daughter to go swimming for the first time. I even have pictures to remember it all by. More than that, I remember the feeling of happiness. We were creating memories together. I want my kids to look back and say, “My mom did stuff with us!” I want them to know that working hard and having fun go hand in hand. I want them to be full of memories of us doing stuff together.
    Burns Calories
    Obviously, being active helps to burn calories, which can help you stay healthy and maybe even lose
    weight. Some days, I’ll do my own workout, then I’ll go be active with my kids. Two workouts in one day?
    Bring it on!
    Makes You and THEM Happier
    On the days I am more active, I sleep better, and so do my kids!. I feel more energy surging through my veins. Those endorphins are going crazy. I am with the people I love, and I feel their happiness, too. Being active is more than just exercising, it’s being together and doing good things for our bodies. There is a reason we feel good when we exercise. Our bodies want it! But also our minds and souls. The rush of the wind and the feeling of the sun during a run, there is substitute for the way it feels. Also, being more physically active is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, strengthen your immune system.
    Being active should be a life-long pursuit that starts during our childhoods and grows with us into old
    age. That’s why I am committed to being active with my kids so they can build good habits now. When
    they have tough times or need to blow off steam, they will automatically know that exercise can help
    them. When they have children of their own, then they can spend face to face me with their kids being
    active too.
    Who is with me?