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Hi I’m Mandy! I am a first and foremost a mom to my young girls, Isabella and Madelyn.
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Here is my personal blog which guide you about diet and fitness tips, recipes tailored to your fitness

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Feel free to contact me, if you want to get fit. Discover the benefits a team beachbody coach and get ripped.

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Mandy Leonards holds a masters degree in Social Work from Indiana University where she has always had a strong interest in body image and eating disorders. She is not a physician and cannot treat eating disorders online — we will make recommendations for therapists if needed.
Mandy is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. She is also a certified group fitness instructor in the formats of Turbokick, INSANITY, PiYO Live & BODYPUMP
Mandy has been an entreprenuer since 2005. She has a passion for helping others and making a difference.
Mandy offers online fitness & nutrition coaching for all fitness levels, no matter how big or how small your goals may be!
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Beef Stew – 21 Day Fix and Paleo

January 30th, 2017| Comments

I finally got a Instant Pot pressure cooker after hearing such good things about it from friends and challengers! I have been having a blast trying recipes in it-- including hard boiled eggs perfect to [...]

Gluten Free Overnight Peanut Butter Chocolate Blueberry Oats – 21 Day Fix

January 19th, 2017| Comments

This is super easy and fast to put together when meal prepping and easier to just grab and go in the mornings! Feel free to change up the fruit add in as well. I like [...]

Gluten free 21 day fix Veggie Latkes

January 17th, 2017| Comments

My husband is Jewish, and yet every year when Hanukkah rolls around the food... isn't exactly healthy. I have to give him credit for helping come up with this version that you can enjoy year [...]

Diet Myths Debunked

October 5th, 2016| Comments

You will often hear a lot of different opinions about dieting and weight loss. I am sure if you are like me there are so many times your head is spinning from all of the [...]

Spicy Butternut Beef Skillet

September 6th, 2016| Comments

I threw this together last night when we had a butternut squash to use and it was super tasty! If butternut squash makes you nervous, you can buy pre-cut and peeled ones that are already [...]

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